der beste Reis

Reis Tarom 4kg

the best rice Rice – The staple food in cuisine There is hardly a dish in oriental cuisine that is served without rice. There are hardly any limits to the preparation and serving of the national staple food. So that you can find the right rice for your dishes and which rice is particularly suitable for the preparation of delicacies, we have put together some information about rice for you. Basmati rice, long grain rice, smoked rice – the different types of rice Long grain rice is one of the classics of the global rice varieties and is also very popular in Germany. This rice is cookedgrainy, falls loosely and is the ideal daily accompaniment to meat, fish or vegetables. This is why long grain rice is one of our top sellers in the shop. Basmati rice also belongs to the family of long grain rice varieties. And this is a real fragrant rice and not to be confused with jasmine rice. Real basmati rice of the best quality comes either from Pakistan or from India – and because we are rice lovers ourselves, you only get those original varieties in our online shop. It falls loose, grainy and has a nutty taste that is paired with its gentle scent. Smoked rice – also known as Dudi Reis – is undisputedly one of the best rice varieties in the world. The rice is smoked over wood and gives off a unique, intense scent as soon as it is cooked. It is the ideal accompaniment to fish dishes and is served in especially on high holidays or on special occasions. Tasting the dudi rice is a smell and taste experience that you will not soon forget! Perfectly cooked rice – our service for even more enjoyment – the best rice Friends of or Oriental cuisine do not cook rice in a cooking bag. Our rice varieties are also available in different sizes from 500 g to 10 kg as loose rice . Traditionally, the oriental style of cooking prefers the soaking method when preparing rice dishes. For this, the portioned amount of rice (1 cup of rice for 2 people) is washed twice beforehand. Then the rice is soaked with 1.5 cups of water and a pinch of salt for about 10 minutes. Only then is the rice cooked in the same amount of water. For perfect rice enjoyment of all kinds, we also offer rice cookers in our shop. This means that you can easily prepare all types of rice spontaneously.  

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