Ready meals Canned – Brands like Pegah and Khanum Khanuma are popular and inexpensive

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Canned Khanum Khanuma Polo 450g

Shilaneh Thunfisch 175g

Tabiat Tunfisch 175g

Espand Seity 100g

Tuna shilton With smoke Flavor 175g

Konserve Hani Saffron rice 330g

Konserve Hani Dill bean rice 330g

Conserve Hani Fesenjan 220g

Conserve Hani Khoresh Karafs 175g

Conserve Hani Juje Kabab 175g

Conserve Hani Juje Ghoore Bademjan 175g

Conserve Hani Ghorme sabzi 175g

Conserve Hani Gheymeh Bademajan 175g

Conserve Hani Gheyme Sibzamini 175g

Canned Shilton tuna In olive oil 175g